Most car models manufactured in 1995 going forward are built with transponders. The transponder key has two embedded electronic components in the head. These are the processor and a microchip. Each serves a different purpose. The microchip works on a radio frequency that transmits and receives a signal to indicate the location of the car and identification.transponder keys

What could go wrong?

Dropping the car keys can damage them or tamper with its functionality. Sure the car may emit a chirping sound to indicate its location but will it turn on the engine? The answer is negative. When the transponder fails to transmit the unique digital code the car’s door jam. You may get a way around this, but unfortunately, you can’t initiate spark ignition and fuel injection. In other words, your car will be immobilized. You may not appreciate this technology in such a predicament, but as it is, this is a big deterrent to thieves.

How do you get back to the road? Well, you may call the car dealership where you bought the vehicle but that will be quite expensive. You’ll incur towing cost plus whatever the dealership charges for the job. The better alternative will be for you to call an auto locksmith (some are even on call 24/7).

The auto locksmith service should be able to sort out the problem with your transponder keys. Here are some issues they can help you with;

  • Repair and provide replacement key fob
  • Provide a spare transponder key
  • Repair damaged/ broken transponder chips inside the car-key remote

Note that your auto locksmith will be able to cut, program/ re-program and provide replacement keys for any car model or bike or any other type of vehicle. Whether it’s an Audi, Ferrari, Isuzu, Lexus, Peugeot, Saab, Volvo or Yamaha you’ll have the transponder key fixed.

Not all types of car keys need programming. Since 1995, all vehicles were legally required to have an immobilizer system which worked in tandem with a transponder key. What if you own a classic model built before 1995 and you’ve locked yourself out – what happens? Of course, you’d call an auto locksmith to get you out of the predicament.

Here’s a list of common types of keys that will need reprogramming;

  • Car keys with remote fobs (remote keys) – these provide keyless entry to the vehicle
  • Car keys with integrated transponder chips (keys) – applies to most cars built after 1995
  • Flip-type keys and key cards

Don’t let the hassle of damaged transponder key worry you – call an auto locksmith.

Transponder Keys

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