servicesWe provide a number of different services to our customers in order to make their premises more secured. We are expert in providing the following services.

Auto Locksmith

1If you are locked out of your car or your key gets stolen, damaged or broken then call us immediately.

We understand the importance of keeping your vehicle safe.

We offer different types of auto locksmith services and our work is guaranteed up to six months. Our team of experts can make new keys for your car, duplicate key or reprogram the present keys with the latest technology.

Residential locksmith service

2Losing keys can be stressful. In such case you need quick service of a locksmith.

We can provide you with new keys in very short time. We can unlock doors without breaking into your house.

We can install different types of security systems so that your house is safe and secured.

Commercial locksmith service

3If you can’t have access to your office for some reason, you can call us for help. Our team provides safe installation for commercial premises.

We can handle security measures like mailboxes, gates, window locking systems, etc. We can fit new locks in the office premises.

We can carry out burglary repair works as well.

CCTV security

4We can install both home and business CCTV systems. We use the most advanced system to ensure that your premises are under our surveillance all the time.

If you need any of the mentioned services then call us. We are open round the clock; so, if you need our help any time of the day or any awkward situation, don’t hesitate to let us know.