Many people have stories of being locked out. The consequence can be horrifying! Imagine, you getting locked up at the middle of the night. Not only do people get locked out from their home, they also get locked out of their car.

Suppose you have an important meeting and you accidentally keep the keep inside the car. Whenever you fall in such dreadful situation, the first thing you do is call a locksmith. But you should also make sure that this kind of situation doesn’t repeat. Here are some ways you can avoid being locked out.

#1 Keep a spare key with your neighbor

1If you have lived in your neighborhood for a long time and you have good relationship with your neighbors then you can leave a spare key with them. So, in case you lose your key, you can use the spare one.

#2 Phone Case with Key Holder

2If you are someone who never leaves home without phone, then you can have a phone case that has a key holder. You can also change the lock of your house to a digital lock system so that you can lock and unlock the doors using apps on your mobile phone.

#3 Hide the key

3You can have a small box with password to keep the key. You then need to keep it in a place which no one will know about. You can either put your original key or a spare key, whichever is convenient for you. This way you will never be locked out.

Use one of these techniques to avoid being locked. You can make it a habit to recheck whether you have taken your key every time you move out of the house or your car. Still if you get locked out, you know where to find us!

3 Ways to Avoid Getting Locked Out

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