You should choose your door locker carefully. A good door locker can keep you safe. It is recommended that you use lock that has 1 inch long dead bolt and a metal box strike. You should install the lock with 3 inch long mounting screws. Here are the top door lockers that you can buy for your home.

#1 Medeco Maxum 11*603

This is a high security lock. It is more than a standard door lock. This door lock has been tested for kicking-in, resisting picking, drilling, etc. and has passed the tests well. It will cost you $190.

#2 Kwikset 980

This is a standard door lock that passed all the rigorous tests of kicking-in and picking. However, it failed in the drilling test. Still for only $30 this is a very secured door lock for your home.

#3 Schlage Camelot Touchscreen

This is a connected door lock. This is an app-enabled door knob. It tolerated the kick-in test well. But when a cordless drill was used, it opened within a very short time. It is still considered to be a very secured lock and one of the best in the market. It will cost you $200.

As a rule of thumb, a dead-bolt lock is a better option than a key-in-knob. The key-in-knobs can easily be opened with a credit card. The locks mentioned above are all dead bolt locks and have single cylinder. They operate with thumb-turn. Those locks that have high security measures have unique pin configuration, hardened cylinders and other properties.

Many home owners prefer a double cylinder dead bolt locks as they need key to open it, no matter if you are inside or outside the room. These locks are good for keeping away burglars. But some municipalities don’t like the use of it because it is hard to open these locks in case of emergency. Before installing new locks to your door, you should check out with the local authority.

The 3 Best Door Lockers for Your Home

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